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the years. i have never quite seen anything like this. >> the city is intense right now. the manhunt is intense. people want it over with. they want it over with now. it's going to take some time. people have to be a little more patient. people are being told, stay home. you're in "the situation room." an extraordinary manhunt under way right now for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings. we're awaiting word from authorities, getting ready to hold another news conference. we'll of course bring it to you live as soon as it begins. right now here are the latest developments. as i tell you, i want to point out, we expect to be speaking with the father. the father of these two suspects, the father is in dagestan, in russia right now. we expect to be speaking with him shortly.
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get his perspective on his two sons one of whom is dead, one the subject of an almost unprecedented manhunt here in boston. there are unprecedented lockdowns with mass transit, schools, businesses all closed. thousands of police searching door to door, floor to floor for the 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he escaped after an overnight gun battle, which left his older brother dead. police in the suburb of watertown, massachusetts say they're recovering a significant amount of home made explosives at the scenes of last night's violence. and they also say there is no proof yet, repeat, no proof yet of accomplices. a u.s. official says the latest intelligence shows at least as of now no indications the suspects had any direct links to a major al qaeda group or any of its affiliates. let's get the very latest now on the manhunt and the investigation. our national correspondent susan
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candiotti is joining us. update our viewers here in the united states and around the world, susan, on what we know right now. >> reporter: well, certainly, wolf. the investigation and the search for what happened to the young man we've been calling suspect number two, the younger tsarnaev, has not ended by any stretch of the imagination. they've been working ever since the violence began last night, ever since the manhunt began. after a police officer on the campus of m.i.t. university was shot and killed. that's when the chase began. what followed that was a carjacking. they caught up with the young man with two young men. they gave chase, the police gave chase. then someone else was hurt along the way. eventually the scene wound up here in watertown, connecticut. as you indicated, at the beginning of the broadcast, they have recovered a large number, significant number is what they're calling it, of home made explosives.
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they've been doing searches all day trying to find the second suspect, the first -- the older of the two brothers was killed. we know that they also found a pressure cooker. remember they found pressure cookers that made up the two bombs used in the boston marathon that killed three people and injured more than 180 others. they found another one that detonated last night as well here in watertown. meantime, the people living in this area have been living behind closed doors. they've been told to stay inside as police have been going door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, to try to find the suspect who is still at large. wolf? >> susan candiotti, stand by for a moment. we're awaiting an interview i'm about to have with the father of these two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. he's in dagestan right now in russia. we're hoping to connect with him momentarily, get his perspective on the allegations against his two sons, one of whom is now
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dead. the other is the subject of an almost unprecedented manhunt in the boston area right now. we'll speak to anzor tsarnaev shortly here on cnn. drew griffin of cnn's special investigations unit is in watertown. he was there last night during the bloody events and is joining us from there. what is going on from your perspective, drew? >> reporter: i'm on the other side of where susan candiotti is and i can just report to you an incredible amount of police activity and an expanding perimeter as we drove in we were trying to get closer to this location where i'm at. it seemed like the perimeter kept expanding. the roads being blocked off. and as we were passing through you could look down the roads and, wolf, you could see what looked to be, if this was any other place, afghanistan, for instance, it looks like army officers on patrol. s.w.a.t. officers going door to door, street to street, walking
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down streets, checking areas, clearing areas. just ten minutes ago we saw a huge contingent of officers. those same kind of military dressed police officers exiting here on a city bus. so we presume their duty or their quadrant or their area has been cleared. but otherwise, we've been getting no real official news. just massive amounts of police going in, massive amounts of police going out. and we can't really read what that means, other than they don't have this guy yet. wolf? >> drew, all right. stand by. we'll get back to you as well. we're also awaiting a news conference in cambridge and watertown. i should say in watertown coming up later this hour as well we'll have live coverage of that. lots going on in this massive, massive manhunt. this dragnet that is under way, this manhunt that is under way right now. the search for dzhokhar tsarnaev, this 19-year-old on the loose and accused of these
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significant crimes. our national correspondent jason carole visited the gym where the suspect number one, the older brother, trained as a boxer, that older brother now dead, dead in a shootout with police overnight. jason, update our viewers on the latest from your vantage point. >> wolf, like so many people in this community, so many people who knew their brothers, they're trying to figure out a motive, a motive for why in the world these brothers would do something like this. from everyone we've spoken to today, no one had a clue. and so what investigators are trying to do at this point is trying to find a reason why. earlier today we were at a martial arts school. as you already know tsarnaev was an aspiring boxer. he wanted to be an engineer but was also very much into martial arts. as we showed up you could see special agents there from homeland security that took out boxes. they took out bags. envelopes. anything that they could get their hands on to try and get possible evidence to give them some clues as to, perhaps, why
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these boys did what they did. earlier we were out here in cambridge, spoke to some of the friends of the younger brother and tried to get some feelings from them in terms of if they saw any clues, anything at all, wolf, that would lead them to believe that this young man would do what he is accused of doing. we spoke to one of the students who attended high school. he was also a wrestler along with this younger brother. we asked him about his relationship with him. here's what he had to say. >> passive guy, nice guy. you talked to him. he wasn't all enthusiastic but he was cool, relaxed, very laid back. >> reporter: no signs at all, nothing that would indicate he would be capable of something like this? >> no. he never said anything about it. whenever we would hang out he'd just -- we'd joke around. normal teenagers. >> reporter: the younger tsarnaev worked at the harvard pool at one point. won a $2500 scholarship for
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wrestling. so once again, wolf, when these people that we spoke to simply just don't have a clue as to why someone who was a mentor, someone who by all accounts at least was a likeable guy. at this point everyone looking for a motive. wolf? >> jason, thanks very much. the father of these two suspects is on the phone right now. he's joining us from dagestan in russia. i know you must be shocked by what's going on but tell us your reaction to what has happened, your two sons accused of this major crime here in the united states. one of your sons now dead. the other on the loose. give us your reaction mr. tsarnaev to what's going on. mr. tsarnaev, this is wolf
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blitzer in boston. can you hear me? i think he's having trouble obviously hearing me. we'll try to redial, reconnect. we will reconnect with the father of these two suspects, one of whom is now dead, the other on the loose. he is in dagestan in russia. we'll get his perspective on what's going on. that's coming up in the meantime mike sullivan is here, former acting director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, former u.s. attorney here in massachusetts as well. as we await this interview with the father of these two suspects, a lot of people are asking me, what's taking so long. how can a 19-year-old be on the loose in this area right now when you have this massive manhunt, probably thousands of law enforcement military personnel searching for this 19-year-old? >> well, they're working very hard obviously to find him. the question is whether or not
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he is still in the area. you have to do two three things. follow up on any leads they get based on tips, they're going to identify some locations where he might go to seek shelter -- family, friends, neighbors, that sort of thing -- then they'll look at the area they saw him last. that is the area of the shootout. they'll process the scene to see whether there is any blood evidence there that might actually be connected to somebody other than his brother. that would help them determine whether he is injured. >> his 26-year-old brother is now dead. we're told in the shootout with law enforcement he was discovered having explosive, an explosive vest almost like a suicide bomb vest. that's why there is so much concern that perhaps the younger brother, the 19-year-old who is still on the loose right now may also be wearing some sort of explosive device. that could be extremely dangerous. >> sure. that is the reason why they're so cautious and so methodical about it going from street to street, apartment to apartment, house to house. it's really to protect public safety.
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also to determine whether or not they can capture him in a way that doesn't cause any additional harm. >> what are the precautions from the law enforcement perspective, precautions you have to take? >> first off try to locate him. then try to enter into some type of discussion to get him to surrender if he'll surrender at all to make sure other -- >> what if there is an indication that he's likely to trigger that explosive device and take down some law enforcement personnel in the process? >> well, certainly law enforcement is trained to use deadly force under certain circumstances. that would be a circumstance in which they would need to use deadly force in order to protect innocent lives. >> they've apparently found other explosive devices in that area in the cambridge area where these two brothers lived and they're doing these controlled detonations if you will. explain to our viewers what that exactly means. >> that is essentially taking something they know is potentially an explosive device and actually exploding it in a way that doesn't cause any harm or any damage to anybody else. so they're doing it in a
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controlled fashion that allows two things. obviously enhanced public safety. beyond that allows him to essentially get all the component parts in a really restricted area. they'll do that for explosive devices if they think they cannot move or remove safely or somehow dismantle. >> there is no way of knowing at least now, there is no way of knowing how many explosive devices may be around. these guys could have had a lot of stuff or maybe not so much. >> that's true. they'll look at all the material as well that might be in the apartments. >> we're showing our viewers pictures. these are live pictures from watertown right now. the reason there is so much activity in watertown mr. sullivan is because this is the area where the exchange with the older brother occurred resulting in his death. that's why they're going almost -- going literally door to door in every building and house there searching and searching. >> well, that would be the principal location they would start. the last location they know they've seen him. hope he is still contained in that area. >> and this is a process that
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probably will get even more complicated as it begins to get dark. >> sure. >> here in boston. still daylight, but once it is night time it becomes a little bit more complicated. >> i'm sure the growing concern is whether he is held up and has a hostage or hostages as well. so, you know, it is critically important, obviously, to locate him as quickly as possible for purposes of public safety and process the crime scene to see whether there is blood evidence here that would indicate beyond his brother that he might be injured as well. >> all right. mike sullivan, we'll stay in constant touch with you. mike sullivan formerly of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. the father of the boston marathon bombing suspects is speaking out. we are trying to connect with him in dagestan right now. the father insisting these two young men were framed. we'll bring you his comments from russia, dagestan, part of russia. authorities, also, here in the boston area are preparing to hold a news conference on the manhunt which has the entire boston area in lockdown. we'll take a quick break.
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we're standing by here in boston expecting a news conference to be beginning shortly, a news conference with the authorities on this massive manhunt under way for the remaining surviving suspect, two suspects, one dead, two brothers, the other one still on the loose, 19-year-old dzhokhar
2:17 pm
tsarnaev. we'll get the news conference shortly. we're also standing by to speak with the father of these two suspects. he is in dagestan right now. that's part of russia. we hope to connect with him on the phone. we've had some problems, technical problems. we hope to speak with the father anzor tsarnaev shortly. luis vasquez knew both of the suspects going back to high school. he posted a local blog and he says they never showed any sign either one of them of wanting to hurt anyone. luis is here with us right now. thanks very much. tell us about these two brothers. give us first of all the nature of your relationship that you had over the years with them. >> i knew the older brother just from the passing. my wife was a good friend of his sister's, so just through there, through him being a protective big brother i got to know him. really got to personalize with him in a way many people didn't get to. >> what was he like.
2:18 pm
>> he was more of a serious guy, more so than his brother. his brother was a little more charismatic than him. he was a little more just a private person. he was very friendly. he would welcome conversations with somebody. he was very approachable. but some people got the wrong impression of him because he was protective over his sister. he was a great guy. he really was this was the older brother who died overnight. >> yes. >> 26 years old tamerlan. so you knew him as tamerlan. >> yes. >> and did you know the younger brother also? >> my only interaction with the younger brother was a positive thing. it was when i went back to my high school and i was the assistant varsity coach for cambridge and he was on jv and i'd help out with that team sometimes. >> on the wrestling? >> soccer. he played soccer. >> we know he was on the wrestling team as well. >> yes. >> what was he like? >> just like the other kids. he blended in. he was outgoing. he was a great person. he was willing to learn. he was a great listener. and he never stood out.
2:19 pm
he never was -- i mean in a negative way there was never anything, quote-unquote, weird about him that would separate him from the others. >> what kind of relationship did these two brothers have based on your interactions with them? >> right. i never saw them together and i think that was because the big age difference i believe is 7. i didn't see them together and i feel like the little brother was more of a follower in this case which doesn't make it right at all. this is very horrendous. insu insulting what they did. to me and to many people that knew them on a personal level whether it be on the street or in high school the crime doesn't fit the personalities. >> can you -- you knew these guys. you didn't necessarily know them all that well. can you believe they would do what they are suspected of having done, take two bombs to the end of the boston marathon? >> never. >> bombs in a pressure cooker that included shrapnel inside to kill and maim as many people as possible? do you believe that these two guys were capable of doing that?
2:20 pm
>> i would never believe that they were capable of doing that. and the mystery that i think many of us care about is what happened in the past year that made the -- made them -- just something clicked negatively in their minds or someone brain washed them to do something so bad like this. why? because these -- what happened this week is not a representation of the memories. >> you knew their sister or sisters as well? >> i knew one of the sisters. >> what is she like, older, younger? >> she was in the middle of them. she was i think 24 years old right now. >> yeah. >> and she was very friendly. again, very approachable. they were all normal. >> seemed like normal american kids if you will. >> right. >> going to high school. the younger one and the older one. you had no indication that they were politicized. >> no. >> or hateful. >> none. >> seeking revenge or angry. >> right. >> or anything along those linings. >> right. not only were they normal kids but to be from cambridge, my hometown is something very special. i think a lot of people from here on out are going to get the
2:21 pm
wrong impression of cambridge because when you say cambridge now they'll think of the suspects and they were regular cambridge kids and being a cambridge kid we hold a lot of pride in that. this doesn't fit who they were. >> he is watching right now, if he is watching right now, this 19-year-old younger brother, the suspect, right now, and he knows you, speak to him from the heart. what would you say to him? >> turn yourself in. turn yourself in. that is the smartest thing you can do right now. you can't get any lower than this. don't do it to yourself. you still have opportunities out there. you can still do many things and you can still touch many lives. believe in yourself. just do the right thing. you've got it in you. >> i hope he is watching and listening to you before this second brother winds up like his older brother. >> absolutely. >> which is obviously very, very possible given the nature of this manhunt. when you saw the -- yesterday i assume you were watching as the fbi released the photos, the video of these two suspects. did you immediately put two and
2:22 pm
two together and say to yourself, i know these guys? >> i did not. i did not. i'll tell you why. the pictures that were released were pixelated and the older brother was sporting a different look than i remember. he never wore a hat. he always had a nice beard, tightly trimmed, and he was clean shaven in the picture. he had glasses on and a hat. it is not what i remember. >> he always had a beard? >> he always had a beard. he did. >> so do you think he shaved his beard deliberately to change his identity or something like that? >> i can't speak to that because i didn't see him in a year, two years. >> when you saw him without the beard you didn't put two and two together. >> i didn't. >> you didn't recognize him. >> no. that could have been anybody especially with the disguise. to me it is a disguise. and the younger brother when i coached him a few years ago had more of a baby face. he looked a little older. he had facial hair, longer hair. very scruffy. it could have been anyone. >> when you heard the two suspects were the two guys that you knew, what was your
2:23 pm
immediate reaction? >> it was tough to swallow. it really was. putting two and two together like you said, it didn't equal out. it wasn't the right thing in my mind to believe that the memories that i have of them could fill what happened, they could -- pointing fingers at them wasn't something that was possible. and i was still hoping for those little chances that it couldn't have been them. but all signs are pointing toward them being the suspects and that's incredibly insulting to me again and to many people. >> we are hearing the same story from a loft tt of people who kn the two suspects similar words to what you're saying right now. if he is watching, this 19-year-old, i hope he is paying attention to what you just said so he avoids what happened obviously to his older brother luis vasquez. >> right. >> thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you very much. the father of the bombing suspects is now living in russia
2:24 pm
in dagestan. he insists his sons did not carry out the bombings. we're trying to connect with the father live here on the phone. he did speak out earlier. cnn's phil black is joining us from moscow right now, joining us live. phil, tell us what the father said earlier and once again we hope to speak with him shortly. >> reporter: yes, indeed, wolf. the parents moved back to dagestan here in russia only recently after living the last ten years or so in the united states with their family and children where they said they initially moved to try and give their children a better life. i spoke to the father on the phone a short time ago. he is distraught. he is angry. especially when talking about the death of his eldest son. they also spoke today, had an interview with a local dagestani network. we'll show that to you now. >> translator: someone framed them. i don't know who exactly did it,
2:25 pm
but someone did. and being cowards, they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. >> reporter: when you tried calling the younger one, the phone is off? >> translator: all phones are switched off. i can't even get through to my brothers. one of them is a great lawyer, and i can't get through to him. i want to get more information. those are my kids, you understand? i'm afraid for my other boy. maybe he will be shot dead, too. they will say, well, he had weapons. kids with weapons? you don't find weapons in a garbage dump. i have nothing more to say. it's all because i'm afraid for my son and his life. they should arrest him maybe and bring him but alive, alive. and justice should decide who's right and who is guilty. >> reporter: you've been living there for a long time. have you ever had any complaints about the justice there? >> translator: no. never. but i didn't ever face it. so how can i know about the justice system there? i didn't have any problems. >> reporter: the day before you
2:26 pm
spoke to your elder son. what did he tell you? >> translator: he said everything was okay. i even asked him how is dzhokhar? did you help him, look after him, and make sure he is studying well so he would spend less time with friends and more time studying? you quit the university because you got married early. let the kid at least graduate because in this life a person who doesn't learn is working. working hard. that's why i'm always telling them, study. study. study. >> reporter: did you talk about the explosion and what happened there? >> translator: no. not at all. thank allah they were not there and didn't suffer. this is it. so what explosion? i honestly can't imagine who could do this. whoever did it is a bastard. i have nothing more to say. >> reporter: wolf, the parents describe their sons as very religious. they say they are not dangerous. they say they are peaceful. they both believe there is absolutely no way their sons had anything to do with the attack
2:27 pm
in boston. earlier on friday, anzor tsarnaev told me he was taken into custody by russian security services, questioned for several hours about his sons, but eventually released. wolf? >> phil black, we'll stay in touch with you. once again, we're trying to connect directly with the father of these two suspects. we'll have that interview here on cnn as soon as we manage to reestablish contact with the father of these two suspects. also we're standing by for a news conference any moment now getting ready to begin with the latest on the investigation, the manhunt under way. you'll see it live here on cnn. and the mother of both suspects is also speaking out insisting her sons couldn't have possibly done what they are suspected of having done. we'll hear from her and a lot more of the breaking news when we come back. ♪
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we're standing by for a news conference the latest on the man hunt, a massive, almost unprecedented man hunt under way here in the boston area. they're searching for a suspect, the remaining suspect, the other brother is dead. the younger brother is still alive. they're searching for him and there is great fear he may have some explosive devices on him. the news conference begins, we'll have live coverage. meanwhile here are the latest developments right now in this investigation in this manhunt into the boston bombing. police in body armor are continuing to go door to door in the suburb of watertown. that's where an overnight gun
2:31 pm
battle ended with the death of one suspect and the escape of his younger brother. a 19-year-old. a source says authorities recovered and detonated a pressure cooker bomb in watertown. police say they're turning up what they describe in their words as significant amount of home made explosives. given the extraordinary security situation under way, the boston red sox have postponed tonight's game at fenway park. the boston bruins and the big apple circus also have postponed tonight's events. good reasoning for that. let's get the latest now, brian todd joining us. you've taken a close look moment by moment as we await the start of the news conference with the latest from law enforcement authorities. give us a picture of what has happened here for our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> it's an incredible picture, wolf. for the past 16 plus hours this has been one of the most intense man hunts in american history but it was at the point a little more than 24 hours ago when law
2:32 pm
enforcement gave us the first clear visual images of these suspects that really seem to set it all in motion. the release of the images on thursday afternoon let the suspects know the feds were on to them. even if the authorities didn't know their names yet or where to find them. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: around 10:00 p.m. that night it all began to unravel. the suspects allegedly robbed a convenience store outside of boston in cambridge near the famed massachusetts institute of technology. then they headed to the m.i.t. campus where shots rang out. >> m.i.t. is currently saying the situation is active and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: an m.i.t. police officer was killed in his car, shot multiple times. police swarmed but the suspects were on the move. just blocks away, a mercedes suv was hijacked at gun point. a source tells us the suspects made a stunning confession to the driver that they were the marathon bombers.
2:33 pm
the driver was released at a gas station about a half hour later. remarkably he wasn't hurt. now the chase was on into the night and into the boston suburb of watertown. just after 1:00 a.m. witnesses heard gun fire. dozens of officers moved in. s.w.a.t. teams in full body gear carrying assault rifles. >> we heard gunshots and then we saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv come down laurel street, cross over dexter, looked like it hit a police car and then they were just shooting at that and just loaded with that. >> reporter: police now knew who they were dealing with -- two brothers, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. they seemed cornered and were desperate to escape. police say they threw explosives out the window at them. the older brother got out of the car. he was apparently ready to go down and take others with him. we are told he was wearing explosives and a device to trigger them. police shot him.
2:34 pm
he would die soon. but first, his younger brother in a car ran over him and escaped. with the fugitive on the run, more than 9,000 officers were mobilized. they went door to door searching homes in watertown. residents were told to stay off the streets. >> this is my home. and it's scary to think of your home as, like, a war zone almost. >> reporter: around 4:00 a.m. authorities released a new photo of dzhokhar tsarnaev in a gray sweatshirt apparently taken from the convenience store camera. >> there is a massive manhunt under way. >> reporter: boston area residents woke up to a city in lockdown and one of the biggest man hunts in the nation's history. public schools and universities like harvard and m.i.t. closed. trains, buses, subways, ordered to stay put. an historic city in danger and in fear. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody.
2:35 pm
>> reporter: a law enforcement source now tells us there are thousands of police officers going in different directions, wolf. this intense manhunt is just grid by grid in the city. this entire metropolitan area looking for the 19-year-old young man, dzhokhar tsarnaev, now eluding police for going on 17 hours. >> you are getting new information also on the number of police officers injured overnight? >> reporter: that's right. a source telling us that about 15 police officers were treated for minor injuries at st. elizabeth's medical center in the boston area. they were treated overnight due to the standoff in watertown. they have since been discharged but significant, 15 officers hurt in that. >> we're awaiting this news conference. thanks very much. getting ready to begin momentarily. we'll of course have live coverage once it does begin. brooke baldwin is in cambridge and spoke with an auto body show owner who has new information. brooke, are you there? can you update our viewers on what you're learning? >> reporter: i am, wolf. i've been here in cambridge all
2:36 pm
day long. we're about a block away just to give you the lay of the land, from where the suspects apparently lived in cambridge on norfolk street and talking to so many different people today from people who wrestled with the 19-year-old suspect, dzhokhar as he was called, to even talking to sort of stumbling upon this auto body shop owner just a block away. started talking to him because he had some pretty interesting color. after monday and the boston bombings this 19-year-old very nervously went to this auto body shop. apparently there was a car there he needed to get. according to the auto body shop owner he was very nervous, biting his nails. the auto body shop owner said he appeared to be on drugs. he has known this guy for two years. lives in the neighborhood. was acting totally irrationally. then he saw the videos as we have all seen, the fbi video, the video of them on this convenience store surveillance tape. he knew that that was dzhokhar. take a listen. >> yesterday i looked at the picture, the one the fbi put
2:37 pm
online. it was very blurry but one picture caught my attention because he had a long nose. they got the picture from the side, you know, and it never came to my mind. i said, no, that's not possible. i don't think it's him. you know, he is a nice kid. you know, i don't think it's going to be him. this morning i woke up, i used to wake up like 7:00, 7:30. i woke up 6:00 in the morning and saw his face from the surveillance camera on 7-eleven century square and i could see his face. he was coming through the door and he had a hood on. that's why i knew it was him. 110%. >> reporter: junior kept telling dzhokhar that, you know, listen, your car isn't ready. he was insistent that he get this car on tuesday to be able to get out of there. like you said, dzhokhar was very, very close to his older brother who we now know is deceased, the 26-year-old
2:38 pm
brother, very, very tight knit family, he said. and basically, wolf, also this auto body shop owner knowing now what he knows. he is racked with guilt that he didn't keep this 19-year-old right where he was and call police. wolf? >> brooke, we'll get back to you. brooke is in cambridge where the two suspects lived. susan candiotti is also following the man hunt, the intense investigation that is under way. susan, you've covered a lot of stories. this is a pretty dramatic one. something like this happening in an american city, i would have thought not necessarily possible but it is right now. update our viewers on the latest information you're getting. >> wolf, i've never seen anything like it before. being in watertown right now the streets are empty. it's eerie. it's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere and the streets are clear. when you drive from street to street as we did, following all
2:39 pm
of the police activity that is going on, and seeing people sometimes out on their screened in porches peering out to see what's going on, it's a very stunning, uncomfortable feeling driving around because they know exactly what's going on. they've been advised to stay inside and to see military officers and police officers for the massachusetts area s.w.a.t. team and police officers going around in humvees, in their gear, full gear, and hearing sirens from time to time and seeing caravans go through the streets. it's very unsettling. this has been going on for several hours. you wonder, is this it? did they find them there? you hear all kinds of things by listening to police activities and you know what they're looking at and you know they're looking for him. people are wondering when they find him will he have explosives on his body? these are all the unknowns that make for a very uncomfortable feeling. we do know that they have recovered a significant number of explosives, home made
2:40 pm
explosives. we were always wondering were those the only bombs they made? did they practice somewhere? so by telling us that they have found these home made explosives, what was the plan? to use them in an escape? use them in the future? we don't have those answers just yet. but there sure are a lot of questions out there, wolf. >> susan, i know you're working on those questions trying to get answers. all of us are at the same time. susan candiotti is watching this story. once again we're standing by for a news conference. you see the microphones over there on the right part of your screen. as soon as law enforcement authorities head over to those microphones, we'll have live coverage, the very latest on this massive, massive man hunt that is under way. almost unprecedented in a major american city. let's talk a little bit about how unprecedented it is. tom fuentes is joining us. the former assistant director of the fbi. also juliette kyemm is here
2:41 pm
former national security analyst and also representative of the boston globe. tom, give us a perspective. how big a deal is this as far as the fbi is concerned, historically speaking? >> wolf, as far as i can remember, in my 30 years in the bureau and years before and after in law enforcement, i can't recall a fugitive search that was this large of a scale. as far as i can recall this is about the biggest we've seen. >> juliette, what do you think? >> i absolutely agree with tom. i think one of the challenges right now for people in government is how do you try to get some semblance of normalcy? that may be what we'll hear at 5:30. how do you ratchet down so to speak if we don't find him? how do you make people safe and yet get back to work and be resilient and go on? part of it is going to be my guess is going to be tied to what's happening in watertown which seems to be the focal point right now.
2:42 pm
i think once they go through each of the houses then you begin to make people aware that things are safer. you begin to relieve some public safety resources. fortunately, tomorrow is a saturday. i've been saying all along the reason they did this, this shelter in place order, was to relieve public safety pressure and let the police officers look for, focus on the manhunt. so, you know, saturday people may willingly stay home. there's games, things like that. we'll see what it looks like on monday. we have the benefit of a slower weekend to get people back to normal and a lot of it is leadership. governor patrick is going to talk honestly about what we know and don't know. there is nothing new in the investigation since very early this morning in terms of where in fact is he. >> and the reason the watertown now is the focal point is that is where the older brother is killed last night in this exchange with law enforcement. >> that is exactly right. that is why they closed off watertown and the surrounding
2:43 pm
areas. right now people are staying shelter in place. i should make it clear it is voluntary. the amazing thing about this is there is no way to enforce it. people just understand this is a very, very big event for the city. what's going to happen now is how do you get people to start to be resilient back to normal and that will happen fortunately over the course of a weekend and then we'll see what it looks like on monday. >> the smart thing is just stay put, stay in your homes. don't go out on the streets because that is just potentially a problem. fran townsend is joining us right now. our homeland security analyst as well. fran, the federal government, the fbi clearly the lead agency right now. but local and state law enforcement as well as the national guard, there are thousands of people searching for this 19-year-old suspect right now. >> well, that's right, wolf. because of the difference in responsibilities, one the local police obviously know the area better than the federal authorities and so they give
2:44 pm
especially in this sort of house-to-house, street-to-street sort of search, you need the local familiarity. the local boston police will know where the alleys are and the streets are, where the dead ends are, in a way federal authorities just won't. the national guard that is there, not because they have arrest authority. they don't. they can't actually engage in a law enforcement action. but they can do just as we've seen them, wolf, on the streets of boston, watertown in particular, set up a perimeter and, basically, provide the safety and security for the law enforcement officers, both federal and local, to perform the search and the activities that they need to do and the national guard is there really in support. >> fran, stand by for a moment. juliette, stand by. tom, everyone stand by. you're looking at the right side of your screen over there. you see the microphones. that's watertown. that's where this massive manhunt is focused in right now. we're awaiting the start of the
2:45 pm
news conference. law enforcement authorities are expected to give us the very latest on the status of what is going on. we'll have live coverage as soon as they come to the microphones. stand by for that. the mother of both suspects is cla claiming one of the suspects was actually followed. this is what the mother is saying. followed by the fbi for three years. the mother, the interview with her. that is next. [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using stereoscopic cameras. ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future.
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2:48 pm
dzhokhar tsarnaev on the run after an overnight shootout that killed his older brother. that gun battle took place in the suburb of watertown where we're told police recovered and then detonated a pressure cooker bomb among a significant, their words, significant amount of home made explosives found there. the father of the bombing suspect, who said his sons were, quote, framed. telling cnn from russia, dagestan in russia, that he was questioned and released by russian security services. we're still hoping to reconnect with the father, doing a live interview here on cnn. we're getting some more information now on the developments that occurred overnight including the shootout. fran townsend, what are you picking up? >> wolf, we understand from three separate federal officials that during the police chase when they carjacked the first car, they admitted to the victim of the carjacking that the two
2:49 pm
brothers were in fact the marathon bombers. they proceed along in that carjacked car and pull alongside a separate car. they transfer materials from the separately parked car into the black suv mercedes that they have carjacked. when the police chase begins we know there is a big shootout. we've learned from authorities that the brothers threw one grenade and five pipe bombs. three of the pipe bombs exploded. two did not. there was also a gun fight. the suspects ran out of ammunition. when suspect number two stepped out of -- i'm sorry -- when suspect number one, the guy with the black hat, gets out of the car, the other suspect with the white hat gets behind the wheel. when police approach the brother with the black hat, the one has run out of ammo, the other suspect, the one that is still at large, backs over his brother with the black suv and flees.
2:50 pm
we know what happened to the suspect with the black hat. he has obviously been deceased. later when they find the black suv that's been carjacked, that the suspect who is still at large fled in,in, they find ins ball bearings. we know the ball bearings were one of the things used in the two bombs at the finish of the marathon. >> so i just want to be careful, you're saying that they found hand grenades, pipe bombs and that's how the dozen or 15 or so police officers who were injured -- >> i didn't say that's what they found, wolf. we were told by three federal officials that when -- during the course of the car chase, and they were throwing these things at police, one grenade, five pipe bombs. of the five pipe bombs, three detonated, two did not. >> and those were the source of the injuries to the police officers? do we know that, fran? >> we don't know that.
2:51 pm
wolf, the three sources didn't say -- they didn't break down for me what the source of the injuries were. obviously it was in the course of this gun fight and chase, that the police officers were injured. but i don't know by which -- which of these explosive devices caused those injuries. >> and drew griffin was there last night. fran, i just want you to repeat, because we've been hearing this all day, the younger suspect, the younger brother was driving, and he actually drove over -- drove over the older brother, which in effect killed him, is that right? >> the source said to me, the exact words, wolf, were that the younger suspect backed over -- didn't say that's how he was killed. we don't know if the brother who was killed was also hit with gunfire, in the gun fight. to be precise, wolf, what the sources have said to me is that the younger suspect, when they approached the older suspect,
2:52 pm
the younger suspect got behind the wheel of the car, and backed over his brother before fleeing. >> fran, stand by. we see some activity over in watertown at that news conference behind the microphones. we expect it to begin momentarily. drew griffin, you were there in watertown overnight when this action occurred. just described by fran. give us your perspective of what you saw, and obviously, your reporting on what you heard. >> yeah, certainly everything fran just said, you know, can be supplemented by the ear witnesses and eyewitnesses that we talked to about the running gun battle, intermittent with explosions that seemed to be thrown out of the car. we also know that as dawn broke this morning in watertown, and quite frankly, all along the route, from watertown back into cambridge, the police were searching for items. we really didn't know what they
2:53 pm
were. but then suddenly we came across a scene where a bomb squad was very, very interested in a tiny piece of dirt, it seemed to us. because we were so far away, in the median of one of these roads. the bomb squad came in, they did an air blast charge to see if it was -- you know, this is kind of what they do to make sure whatever it is is not a bomb. so they were very cautious about going back over. now, based on fran's information, the route of this chase, to make sure that they had found all the unexploded ordinances that must have come out of those cars. one was a watertown police suv that looked to me like the back window, the side window were shot out and there was one either rock or bullet hole in the front windshield. wolf? >> do we know what that -- we're showing our viewers the tow truck carrying that car. do we know who was driving that car? what it's all about?
2:54 pm
it's going right in front of you. >> if you see the -- the watertown, you know, the suv obviously must have been by a police vehicle. there was a second car, a -- i think it was a nissan sedan, with the back driver's side door, looked like it had been manually pulled off and removed. the door was not there. i didn't see any physical damage to that car. nor did i see any physical body damage to the ford explorer, which means i don't think that was involved in an actual crash. that may have been the result of some kind of a shootout activity. looked to me like the windows had been shot out and there was a definite bullet or rock wound in the front windshield. >> all right. drew, thanks very much. drew will stand by and we'll continue to watch what's happening. we're also standing by for the news conference in watertown. looks like police are getting ready to come to the microphoneses to update us on the state of the massive man
2:55 pm
hunt under way. our coverage continues here in "the situation room" right after this. e known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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2:57 pm
once again, we're standing by for the start of this news conference in watertown. it looks like they're getting closer to beginning the news conference. we want an update on what's going on right now. massive manhunt under way, searching for 19-year-old dzhorkhar tsarnaev. eric is joining us now.
2:58 pm
you went to high school with this younger brother. tell us about him. >> what i can tell you, he was a good kid. just a regular normal kid, if you will. no signs of what you would see from a terrorist profile. you know, not a loner. he had a good group of friends. and he would constantly be at parties. >> he's now 19 years old. and you never suspected there was anything strange or scary or weird about him? >> not while i knew him in high school. i mean, yeah, nothing. >> when you heard about these -- that he is a suspect in doing, allegedly, what he did at the boston marathon, what did you think? >> i mean, it was -- honestly,
2:59 pm
it didn't seem real. the granulated pictures obviously didn't really -- didn't -- for me, it didn't -- at first it didn't tell me he was the culprit. >> when you saw the pictures yesterday, did you think this was the young man, that you went to high school with? >> in a joking manner with friends, it was like, oh, that -- you know, maybe. >> what did you joke? >> oh, that could be jahar. i mean -- >> did you call law enforcement? >> no, there was no -- i mean, it was -- you didn't want to throw somebody under the bus, with the idea it could be an international affair, or -- it was just too much to really bring to the fbi's attention for, i feel, for my group of friends. >> did you ever talk to him about politics or terrorism or anything along those lines? did he ever express any opinions as far as you could recall? >> no. not as far as i can recall. i know i had a conversation with
3:00 pm
a friend who had said something along the lines of, you know, he had a conversation with him, and it was in regards to politics, and saying that, you know, when warranted, acts of terror are justified. >> you didn't hear this? >> i didn't hear this. a friend of mine. >> when did he tell you this, your friend? >> the friend told me this morning, when we were alerted of his name and involvement in this whole thing. >> hold on for one moment, eric. i want to continue this conversation. but i want to update our viewers. it's now the top of the hour. once again i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're standing by for a news conference. local law enforcement, local state, federal authorities, we're expecting them to show up at the microphones in watertown. we're following the breaking news coverage. this truly massive manhunt for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings. we want to welcome our viewers around the world. we're standing by, as i said,
3:01 pm
for the news conference. we've been standing by for a while. it looks like it's been delayed. of course, once it begins, we'll have live coverage. here's an upp date on what we know right now. two brothers, one is dead. the other on the run right now. both accused, suspected of committing deadly acts of terror. if you're just joining us, here are some of the latest developments we're following as we await the start of the news conference. the boston area, here in boston, virtual lockdown. the city is in a virtual lockdown. thousands of officers are hunting for the suspected bomber. the search spreading to the university of massachusetts campus dartmouth where 19-year-old tsarnaev is still registered as a student. he's been on the loose since the fire fight with police overnight, the boston suburb of watertown. his 26-year-old brother,
3:02 pm
tamerlan, he died after a shootout. the suspects threw a grenade and five pipe bombs at police during that confrontation overnight. three of those bombs detonated, two didn't. we're also told that investigators are recovering what they describe as a significant amount of homemade explosives in their pursuit, including a pressure cooker bomb similar to one of the bombs used in the marathon terror attack. once again, as soon as this news conference begins in watertown, we'll have live coverage. in the meantime, i want to learn a little bit more about jahar tsarnaev. you just knew the younger brother? >> yeah. >> you said, boy, that looks like jahar, but you were just joking? you didn't think it was really serious? >> no, like i said, most of my friends felt the same way. >> did you talk to them last
3:03 pm
night about it? >> i won't say that. this morning is more or less when we started to really confer about it, and talk amongst each other. last night it was more or less an idea in the back of your mind. it wasn't something you wanted to bring to the forefront of your mind. you don't want to implicate anybody that you know is involved in something of that magnitude. >> all of a sudden this morning you get confirmation that these two brothers are the suspects. >> right. >> i don't know, how did you react? >> we took to social media and our yearbooks, and wanted to confirm that the names matched up. that photos were, you know, matching up. i mean, it was complete shock. you're just trying to figure out who to call, and who to contact and see what they know, and see if -- who's been in contact with him as of late. >> governor deval patrick of
3:04 pm
massachusetts. they're testing the microphones. we'll hear from governor patrick, and no doubt from the fbi, special agent in charge. let's just hear what this guy is saying. >> the chief of watertown. we will take questions afterward. please be re minded it's an ongoing investigation, very active at this very moment as well. so there will be a lot of questions you have that we cannot answer. colonel timothy alban. we'll fill in the blanks later if you miss it. >> so there it is. we've fought a little update on what we can anticipate from the governor, mayor and others will be coming over to this news conference. there's the mayor in the wheelchair, thomas menino, he's
3:05 pm
had serious ailments lately. i'm sure he's going to be speaking. let's listen, in fact, right now. >> good evening, everybody. and thank you, all of you, for your patience, and to all of the viewers and listeners in the area who have also been very patient. i'm going to have colonel alban give a quick update on what we can say about the ongoing investigation. i'll have a couple of comments then about the stay indoors request, and then we'll turn it over to the mayor. and then to chief devoe from watertown here. >> thank you, governor. good afternoon. i certainly want to thank all of you for your patience. i know you're all tired. we certainly are as well. but we remain committed to this.
3:06 pm
we do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. but we will have one. we're committed to that. i want the neighborhood here in watertown to know that we went through about 20 streets here, door to door, with our tactical teams. we knocked on doors to ensure that everyone was safe in their homes, and that they saw the police on their streets. we did limited searches of those homes to render them safe. we've also followed a number of leads this afternoon that have taken us in various places in eastern massachusetts, and none of those leads have been fruitful to this point. there's much left to be done. including ballistics and forensics work that will be concluding in boston, in the next few days. we also have a scene up here, forensic scene where we had some exploded and unexploded ordinary nansz that were made safe and
3:07 pm
moved during the course of the afternoon. that is still ongoing but should be completed shortly. we are going to draw back our tactical teams, but the state police will be providing additional patrols to the town of watertown over the next, about two to three days. for the neighbors, and the citizens of this community, we're going to have for the chief an additional ten state police patrols augmenting the watertown police in those neighborhoods, three shifts a day, probably through monday. so again, i want to emphasize, this is a complicated investigation that's being led by the fbi. our presence here today was about the safety of the people in the community. we're confident that we did that to the best of our ability. unfortunately, we don't have a positive result at this point. but for the sake of everyone, that were hurt or killed during
3:08 pm
the marathon, or those police officers that lost their life, or were seriously injured, we are committed to seeing a conclusion to this case. thank you. >> thank you, kernel. in light of the status of the investigation here in watertown and the developments in the indoors request is lifted.y - the "t" is open effective immediately. we are asking the public to remain vigilant. if you are out, continue to be alert to suspicious activity, unaccompanied or unattended packages or backpacks, remember, there is still a very, very dangerous individual at large. but we feel confident based on what we know about the status of the investigation right now that, to that extent, we can
3:09 pm
return to living our lives. we begin in the areas where the stay indoors request has been in effect. that request is lifted. but remain vigilant. mr. mayor? >> thank you, governor. let me just say to the about ub lick out there, thank you for your cooperation for the last several hours. stand by was very helpful to us, as the police went to work on this investigation. yes, we do not have the individual arrested yet and brought to justice. but we have a lot of leads out there. i would ask the public to continue to cooperate with us. boston will stand tall. we'll never stand down. thank you for your cooperation. thank you to the business community for working with us over the last several hours. an economical loss for them. but together, we'll get this person. thank you. >> chief? >> thank you. again, my message is to the
3:10 pm
community of watertown. it's a little different what we're going to do here. you're going to see saturated patrols. state police will be out, local communities are going to support us, nemlec will be here. we've done a thorough search of the 20-block interior. unfortunately, as you know, we didn't have any results. but we're going to continue to move forward, as a community. i can't thank the watertown community enough for what you've done, your strength. but we needed to continue. as you heard, the crime scene is not done yet. that is not going to be collapsed for another couple of hours at least. please go about your business. i know there's a lot of events in watertown tomorrow. and we're going to have them. but you're going to see a big police presence as we do that. thank you. and please say a prayer for those police officers. thank you. >> one more thing. >> one more point.
3:11 pm
i want to add, there's a photograph of our subject that's been widely distributed. i want to remind the public that it's there. if you see this individual, i want to emphasize this, do not take action on your own, we want you to dial 911 to your local police department and anything that you might know about this individual, please send back to the fbi tip line. this is very, very important. i appealed the other day to the community for your cooperation, and you've come through. we need that continuing cooperation to solve this. thank you. >> [ inaudible ]? >> i don't want to discuss the investigation. i'll talk about anything that happened here today. >> one at a time. >> any thoughts about the decisions made since the bombing? >> we're committed to this since 11:30, or 11:00 last night.
3:12 pm
we've worked through -- since that time. and we have had people tirelessly walking those streets going door to door up there. unfortunately, we did not have enough people when those shootings took place in order to deal with the first aid issues that were prominent. and establish a perimeter at that point in time. go ahead. >> do you know where the suspect is, or do you believe you know where the suspect is? how can you say he's armed and dangerous? >> may i? first of all, i don't think that the instruction lends itself to, you know, simple phrases. we are where we were effectively on -- as of monday night, or tuesday morning. it was a couple of exceptions. one of the suspects is dead. there was a fire fight out here
3:13 pm
last night. some 200 rounds. and explosives. so we were very justified, i believe, based on what we understood about the investigation, in taking what we knew was a big step in asking people to stay indoors while we went house to house here, and in other communities close by, to which we believed the suspect, or law enforcement believed the suspect could have fled. the investigation has continued to develop. we can't give you all the reasons -- all those developments right now. we will in the fullness of time. we can't right now. but based on those developments, we feel it is prudent to be able to say to people, you can get back out as long as you are vigilant. >> [ inaudible ]? >> this has been an ongoing effort of the joint task force. and it will continue to be that.
3:14 pm
you have the fbi, state police and all the local police departments, including the boston police department. go ahead. >> do you believe the suspect is still in the boston area, or has he fled? >> i think i would be -- no, i don't have any direct knowledge that he's here in the boston area. but we don't think he would get much further. his ties seem to be here. >> [ inaudible ]? >> i think this developed rather quickly last night. and i would wager that most of the activity that was printed in the media yesterday, forced them to make decisions, or take actions that ultimately revealed who they were. >> [ inaudible ]? >> yeah, i want to be clear about the armed robbery. these folks do not appear to be
3:15 pm
the individuals who were involved in the armed robbery. they were at the 7-eleven in cambridge at a time that was somewhat coincidental to that, and we retrieved a surveillance video out of the 7-eleven. but they were not involved in an armed robbery at that convenience store. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, i don't want to comment on that, because that's a homicide investigation. but all of this individual's ties were here in massachusetts, and we believe that's the only person we're looking for at this time. >> [ inaudible ]. >> yes, i believe he's still in massachusetts. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, the whole point in providing that extra coverage to watertown is for the benefit of this community. we've had this whole community, in fact, the greater boston area as you know shut down today.
3:16 pm
in particular, these folks had a shooting in their neighborhood last night. there was a loss of life up there. it was very violent activity. and so to provide that level of comfort to those folks up there in that neighborhood, we're providing, or supplementing the watertown police department. >> that would be supposition on my part. i'm not going to do that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not aware of a mercedes the public should be looking for. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it's clear that there were explosives, that they had with them last night. they threw those at the police
3:17 pm
officers that were pursuing them. beyond that, what their intentions were, would be a matter of supposition, and i'm not going to do that. which car? >> the one that -- [ inaudible ]. >> prior to the carjack? that car -- you're talking about the honda? that car is being processed at this point. but its relevance to the case is still not known. >> right here. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it's not something that i've considered. i'm worried about apprehending this particular subject. he's a very violent and dangerous person, that's our primary concern. i'm sorry? >> [ inaudible ]. >> we don't know of a vehicle that he has.
3:18 pm
>> what's changed in the last eight hours? that the public should feel safe to go out? and what is your message to the suspect? >> my message to the suspect is to give himself up, to stop any other violence towards anyone. in terms of where he is at this point, we cannot continue to lock down an entire city or an entire state. we are confident that we've done what we can do here in this particular neighborhood in terms of our search. and unfortunately that was not fruitful. but we are redoubling our efforts and we are as committed as we were this morning towards apprehending him. >> has anything changed in the last eight hours? have you found out anything new? >> no. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i would never give an all clear on anything. again, i want to reemphasize the point. that people have got to be vigilant. this is a dangerous person, who
3:19 pm
we believe has killed people. they need to be extremely careful, and contact their local police department if they even suspect they identified this individual. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we've done a number of searches this afternoon, but that, again, is going to go to the investigation and i don't want to comment on that. i think that would always be law enforcement's preference. but sometimes those things are decisions that they take away from us. and we hope that's not the case here. that's why i'm appealing to him to give himself up and do it now. >> [ inaudible ]. >> they were together last night. one of them was killed and one of them fled the scene. >> how did he do that? >> on foot. i'm not going to get into that. again, this is a homicide case we're talking about. and i don't want to discuss the evidence in the case. >> two more questions. right here. come on, right here.
3:20 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> well, i think, again, that's going to go to the investigation. and i don't want to comment on the evidence. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i think that you should be reassured by the presence, the enhanced presence of the state police in the watertown police department being here in your neighborhood. and we are convinced that we did absolutely everything that we could in this neighborhood to ensure that this individual's not where he left last night. >> the last question. last question, colonel. >> last question. >> this individual here. >> how did he get away? do you have a sense -- >> he abandoned a car that he had used, that was involved in the pursuit from cambridge here to watertown last night. in terms of how he got away, he did it on foot, he fled on foot.
3:21 pm
i don't know where he went specifically after that. >> so he abandoned the car -- >> that's it. >> thank you very much. >> we're covering all the ground. remains under investigation. much of this remains under investigation. this is going to be the last briefing of the night unless there's a significant development. again, we thank you for your help throughout the day. we thank you for your patience and for understanding that there's a lot of this we can't publicly disclose. thank you. >> so there you have it. the latest from law enforcement here local, state, federal authorities. we did hear from -- briefly from the governor. and we did hear briefly from the mayor of boston as well. but there's some new developments that we learned in the course of this briefing. julia is here with us. one thing we learned, that robbery at the convenience store, he says it was a 7-leaven, and 7-eleven said it was another convenience store. but they weren't robbing the convenience store. >> so that is a coincidence, and
3:22 pm
sort of shocking one. in the timeline they gave this morning, it did involve the convenience store robbery. then they went back. this happens, as things unfold live, they're going to rewrite their story as well, who was where, when. and what we know is the m.i.t. killing of the police officer was related to the chase to watertown and everything that happened last night, which is what we suspected. >> these two suspects were probably the ones who killed that police officer. >> right. >> at m.i.t., and wounded another police officer. >> that's exactly right. >> so the older brother, the 26-year-old is dead. >> mm-hmm. >> the younger brother is on the loose right now. >> yes. >> yet the local authorities come out and say, you know what, we're going to ease this lockdown and go back and do what you need to do. the freeze in effect is over. >> right. >> you're a former adviser, julia, to homeland security authorities here in massachusetts. also in the federal government. why did they make this -- why did they decide to tell everybody, you know what, you can go back and do what you want
3:23 pm
to do? >> to answer that question, you have to understand why they put the lockdown in in the first place, the shelter in place, and it was to preserve the public safety folks and all of them looking for this person, to find the suspect. they didn't do that. now they're going to sort of allow people to go out, live their lives, but there was a clear distinction, watertown will be different. there will be a strong police presence. wolf, we were talking, this is the biggest challenge in public safety, particularly in counterterrorism, it is very easy to ratchet up. we saw it immediately after other terrorist incidents. much more difficult to calm the public. i think the fact that they turned this around so quickly, said, look, we didn't find him. we believe he's here, and they probably believe he's here because he's the younger brother, clearly the less dynamic, and is now alone. that is a key factor here. so the hunt will continue. but, you know, you couldn't sustain today much longer than
3:24 pm
today. people need to get out and live their lives. >> he escaped on foot. if he did have explosives on his body, that's one thing. but if he's running away on foot, he didn't have a whole lot of -- >> this is drew griffin in watertown where we're now seeing extensive amounts of the police who have been combing this area, actually being pulled out after that somewhat disappointing news conference. and the bottom line from that news conference is, that he got away. and it's very unclear that the police have any idea in which direction he went. they do believe, i believe one of the officials said he's in the state of massachusetts.
3:25 pm
but there was no corroborating evidence as to why they thought that. he fled the scene on foot but there was no indication of whether or not there was any kind of a car apprehended after that, any kind of car that they might be looking for. they're still just looking for, and if we can put the photo up, the photo of this man, the suspect, the surviving suspect who fled the scene last night in watertown, and despite a massive, massive search that surrounded watertown today, and for those of you who don't live in this greater boston area, literally shut down this entire town today. he has gotten away. and that right now is the disappointing bottom line. wolf? >> all right. thanks very much, drew. i want to bring tom fuentes in, the former assistant director of the fbi, our cnn law enforcement analyst. it's hard to believe that this
3:26 pm
young 19-year-old could escape on foot from this shootout with law enforcement until watertown, and simply disappear, despite this massive manhunt that has been under way since the middle of the night last night. how is that possible, tom? >> i think, wolf, the way that could have happened is that you have the shootout on the street, and explosives are going off. basically you have a little gun battle, and explosives battle going on with the police officers. and this subject flees on foot after the other brother gets badly injured. and then later dies at the hospital. you could almost call that a fog of war. he runs out, maybe he runs around the corner and is out of view. but we don't know from that point on, when the police lose sight of him in the darkness that night, did he manage to carjack another car, and flee the area entirely, did he go to an apartment building and maybe he realized he better not go to where he usually would go, where
3:27 pm
he lives or has friends, and did he go into somebody else's residence. they combed that area. or did he keep running. so the area that he ran to, he's outside the perimeter that later gets set up, to have. so i think there's a couple of possibilities with that. that's the only explanation i could think of, is that he just managed, if at that point, immediately after the shootout with the police, that he managed to get out of their view, into the darkness, and get away. >> because it's hard to believe a 19-year-old can do something like that, escape law enforcement. not just a dozen or two dozen or a few hundred, or thousands of law enforcement personnel are searching for him in this area. and he just sort of disappears. let me bring julia into this. how sophisticated is this 19-year-old, based on everything you're hearing? >> not very. well, enough to plan an attack, but clearly the exit strategy,
3:28 pm
they didn't think through. one of the reasons, why would the state police say we believe he's here, because he was the younger brother, what we know so far, the less dynamic brother, terrorists tend to act -- a lot of terrorists are brothers. a lot of terrorist groups have lots of siblings in them. and now he's alone. he doesn't have his partner in crime, so to speak. so letting people live their lives, being cautious of what is going on, this is now a criminal search for an individual. it may look a lot less like a manhunt in the days ahead. but it will be localized again. they probably also have looked at cars, the turnpike, other ways to exit the city, and have strong confidence that that would have been hard for him to do. >> yeah, it's a pretty amazing development, tom fuentes, when you think about it. julia and i are, we were perplexed when we heard this
3:29 pm
news conference. and they said, you know what, everybody go back to your normal lives as much as you can, even though you know a suspected killer is on the loose. he might be in watertown, he might have gotten outside of watertown, despite this massive manhunt. go about your normal day-to-dave activities, ratcheting down this freeze, if you will. tom, do you think that's wise? >> you know, wolf, i don't know, they could be second-guessed either way in this case. if he managed to run and get out of the perimeter, get away or get ahold of another vehicle and make his escape, and in the meantime you're locking down, you know, a huge city indefinitely, you know, that doesn't help. and that's not going to keep the public happy for a long time. it's going to create a lot more problems in the long run maybe doing that. i think that probably is what they're thinking at this point. you raise the issue earlier about how could he get away. first of all, it's dark. second of all, those explosive devices, and gunfire would
3:30 pm
create a huge amount of smoke. so you have a smoke cover, darkness, many of his friends today reported that he was a great athlete. and the fact that he is 19 years old, and frankly, running for his life, under those conditions, with a cover of smoke and darkness, it could account for how he was able to get away. and get outside before they could actually create a perimeter, he may have been already been outside of it. >> i suspect almost everyone now has seen his face. it's going to be very difficult for this 19-year-old to continue this run, if in fact he's running right now. because everyone knows what he looks like right now. and he's going to be -- he ooh a very, very wanted man. tom foreman is in the virtual studio right now. tom, i know you've been trying to piece together what happened overnight. show our viewers what we've learned.
3:31 pm
>> they were led on the trail of this young man right here. this is what happened as a result. they reached out to the people of this town, about 4.5 million people in the metro area and said, first of all, let's start with about 300,000 of you in six little different towns here and tell you to lock down, close your doors, don't let anybody in. and they flooded this area with police officers. then, they tightened up even more. they started focusing really on the watertown area. saying, this is where we clearly think he is. yes, there's an element of public safety in here, but there also is clearly a tightening of this net. how did they do it? well, they tried to cut down all ways for him to get out of there. that meant they went after things like taxi services, 5,500 taxicab drivers asked to stay out of the area. shutting down the subway and buses in and out. they had more than 300,000 people who commute in and out every day. then they went after businesses.
3:32 pm
fenway park canceled a ball game today. many other businesses kept their doors closed, simply to keep people away so essentially the only person on the street would have been the suspect. even though there were more, that is the goal in this. more than 130 public schools were closed. a lot of private schools closed, too. and all the universities up in boston, there are a tremendous number of universities there, like harvard, m.i.t., brandice, boston university, boston college, all those closed their doors as well to help out in this effort. and they cut back on train service. they even shut down the air space over this part of boston for a while. and they stepped up security out at the airport. now, widen out and look at this. what do we have here, wolf? what we have is essentially an electronic and physical net that was cast around this whole area, and clearly it was done not only to protect people, but on the belief that this fellow was somehow in the middle, and they had him there.
3:33 pm
but now as we're getting closer to nightfall, that does not seem to be clear at all. they're lifting some of these restrictions and that means the net is loosening around there. clearly they're still looking for him, wolf. but the position we were in, five, six hours ago, seems to be substantially different as we head toward nightfall. >> it's about to get dark right now. it's going to be a little bit more difficult, maybe a lot more difficult. we're approaching -- we're at the bottom of the hour right now. let me update our viewers who just might be tuning in on the latest developments. police, they are promising they will catch the surviving suspect in the boston marathon attack. here are some of the other late breaking developments. authorities now say they believe the 19-year-old still is somewhere in massachusetts. they warn he's violent and very, very dangerous. the governor says he's lifting the order for boston area residents to stay indoors. that order has been in effect
3:34 pm
all day. extra police, though, will be patrolling watertown. that's whering tsarnaev and his brother, tamerlan, he died after that confrontation. the younger brother escaped on foot, local law enforcement authorities have just told us. officials do confirm that the two suspects told the driver of a car, they allegedly hijacked last night, that they were in fact, get this, they told this driver allegedly they were the marathon bombers. hard to believe. but that's what this driver has said. the driver was released. we're also learning a lot more about this 19-year-old suspect who is still at large. cnn's jim acosta has been keeping track of what his relatives, other acquaintances are saying, as well as some of the things that we're learning about this 19-year-old, who
3:35 pm
apparently, what he said about himself on social media. jim, tell our viewers what you're learning. >> wolf, the profile that's emerging of this suspect, a young man who is sort of a mystery. he's described by his classmates, even some relatives as a friendly student athlete, but one relative, and even the suspect's activities on social media suggest he may have become more radical leading up to the bombing. the manhunt may be for someone who is just 19 years old, but authorities warn the boston bombing suspect who is still on the run, believed to be wearing the white baseball cap in the surveillance video released by the fbi, who looks even more boyish in this updated photo, should be considered armed and dangerous. relatives who haven't been in touch with him can only guess about his motives since he moved to the u.s. over a decade ago and sought asylum with his family.
3:36 pm
strp the suspect's uncle who lives in maryland was asked by reporters what might have provoked tsarnaev and his brother. >> i say, dzhokhar, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness. >> but in tweets on what is believed to his twitter account, there is little sign of are emorse. ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people. and two days later, i'm a stress-free kind of guy. on what's believed to be his account on a russian website, he's described as islam. a video posted showing the carnage from the civil war in syria. u.s. officials say jahar became a u.s. citizen on september 11th last year. he even won a scholarship. before enrolling at the dartmouth campus at the university of massachusetts. most friends and teachers say they never saw any signs of trouble.
3:37 pm
>> regular teenager. i didn't suspect anything. he was on the wrestling team. he went to parties with, you know, other students. he went to the prom. >> he was a wonderful kid. we were proud of him. you know, he was an outstanding athlete. there's nothing -- you know, he was never a troublemaker. >> but another friend says one conversation does stand out. >> a friend of mine, we've been in contact this morning, and he had told me that there was a conversation that him and another close friend of mine had had just recently, maybe six months to a year ago, in regards to terrorism, the act of terror, not being a serious issue if you come from a place that i come from. >> still, the suspect's father told russian television he believes his sons were set up.
3:38 pm
>> translator: someone framed them. i don't know who exactly did it, but someone did. being cowards, they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. >> now, the mother and aunt of the suspects are expressing their doubts, in the words of their mother, nobody talked about terrorism, she says in her family. wolf, getting back to the tweets that were apparently sent out from this twitter account, that is believed to be the account of the suspect, he apparently tweeted about the boston marathon back in august 10th of last year, saying, the boston marathon isn't a good place to smoke. we're not sure about the context of that or why he might have tweeted that. in fact, he may have tweeted about the boston marathon last year. wolf? >> a good place to smoke what? any indication what that means? >> does not say anything else besides that. it's just another puzzling piece that is just not stitched together at this point. we just don't know the context
3:39 pm
of that, wolf. >> jim acosta, thanks very much for that report. we're also learning a lot more about the 26-year-old older brother, who is now dead. fascinating information, just coming in to cnn right now. stay with us. we'll take a quick break and update you on the dead brother right after this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. ♪
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3:42 pm
we're just getting this in from interpol, france, the international law enforcement agency, saying they have -- let me get my microphone, excuse me. the international law enforcement agency in leon, france, they've issued what they call a global security alert. a global security alert in connection with the boston marathon bombings. this issued at the request of u.s. law enforcement authorities, interpol saying they have told all of their law enforcement members across 190-member countries to detect any similarly configured bombs, similar to the bombs that were used at the boston marathon. this interpol, orange notice as it's called, also includes the fingerprints of the two suspects, and other information provided by the fbi. this has been made available to
3:43 pm
world police authorities. the decision by the fbi and u.s. authorities, it goes on to explain, that july yet -- give us some context what this means. an orange alert by interpol to search for similarly crafted bombs, as the ones used in the boston marathon. >> so, while everything seems abnormal today, there are actually normal protocols that goes on when this happens in any country. this happened after the july 7th attacks in london. there's a device, people used in the united states, in a city, it goes around to international police organizations, and all throughout the world saying, hey, you know, there may be devices that others are planning similarly. and it does not mean we know there are, it does not mean these two suspects here have relations in other countries, it means only as smart law enforcement, we are going to educate our brothers and sisters throughout the world about what we found here. this is what interpol is all about, so that lessons can be
3:44 pm
learned and people can be looking for these kinds of devices. >> but we shouldn't draw the conclusion that interpol is now being -- that there's some sort of international conspiracy behind these two suspects. >> absolutely not. interpol is an agency that exists to deliver information throughout the world, to law enforcement agencies, so that lessons learned, best practices can be shared. this is consistent with what they would do in any case. it seems sort of, you know, something that is abnormal, it's actually quite normal in a big incident like this, where in fact the world is watching. this was an attack in an urban area during a sporting event. every city, every country in the world has similar situations, and here's what boston, here's what the fbi has learned about it so far. >> good perspective, july yet. thanks so much. we have new information coming into cnn about the older terror suspect, the one who was killed overnight. he was married, and has a young daughter. cnn's jill dougherty has more on
3:45 pm
the life of the 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. >> in the fbi video, he's suspect number one in the black cap. 26-year-old tamerlan sawyer nauf, walking ahead of his 19-year-old brother jahar. tamerlan is now dead, killed in a police shootout, leaving behind dreams of becoming a world class boxer. in a youtube page in his name with links to his islamic websites, videos from a radical australian preacher, and rap music. in a photo essay shot by a boston university student, tamerlan tsarnaev said, i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. he and his brother are from the russian caucuses, an area that includes the war-torn remember republic of chechnya.
3:46 pm
the family arrived as refugees in 2001 from neighboring kyrgyzstan. then they moved to the u.s. the family claimed asylum. his younger brother came first, authorities say, and became a citizen. tamerlan followed, and got a green card. his aunt, who lives in canada, said friday -- >> he had a daughter and he was very happy about his daughter. >> reporter: but police records show he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. his father said tamerlan quit school early to get married. according to a u.s. official, travel records show tamerlan flew to russia in january 2012 and returned to the u.s. six months later. his father insisted his sons had nothing to do with the bombing. >> translator: someone framed them. i don't know who exactly did it. but someone did. will being cowards, they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. >> reporter: but his uncle in maryland says, the brothers were
3:47 pm
losers, who were radicalized. >> being losers, hatred to those who were able to settle themselves. these are the only reasons i can imagine. anything else to religion with islam, it's a fraud. it's a fake. >> and wolf, in another development, the russian embassy tells us that right after the attack, president vladimir putin of russia sent a telegram to president obama, our condolences, but also offering russia's assistance in any type of investigation. and today, the father of those two suspects did tell cnn that he was questioned by russian security services and then released. wolf? >> the father being in dagistan, that's actually part of russia. so president putin would be in charge of that whole area. so if he wants to order the father to be questioned by law enforcement, that is easily done
3:48 pm
in dagistan. >> that's true. and that whole area of chechnya, again, i think it's important to note that that is a very, and has been for years, a very violent area. and one of the suspects did say, if you had come from a place like that, terrorism might not be that important. so i think that's a significant kind of indication of what we're dealing with. >> jill dougherty reporting for us, thanks very much. michael bouchard is joining us now, formerly with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms in washington, atf. what do you make of the latest developments, mr. bouchard? on the one hand, it's very perplexing that a 19-year-old who runs away on foot from law enforcement in the middle of the night after this exchange with police, the brother, the older brother is killed in the process, he runs away from the car chase, if you will, and he's still, all those hours later, on
3:49 pm
the loose, even though thousands of personnel have been searching and searching and searching. >> well, wolf, in a foot chase, it's very tough to set up an inner and outer perimeter quickly, particularly in a remote area. so he had, you know, a good lead on all these officers. they're still trying to call for help, help an injured officer. as they're trying to sort through all these things, he's running. the advantage they have now is, he's been running for 20-plus hours. he's tired. he's scared. he's desperate. he's alone. he has nobody to turn to. so he's going to make the ms take here sooner or later which will hopefully nobody else will get hurt before he's caught. >> he's obviously in good shape. he was a college wrestler, if you will, 19 years old. so he's a young, healthy guy. so if he wants to run, he can run. but that face of his, everybody -- almost everybody has looked at those pictures, mr. bouchard. they know who he is.
3:50 pm
he presumably can't run very far. >> i don't think so. again, he's going to have to make a mistake here soon. hopefully he's not holed up somewhere with a hostage or anything like that. but again with, he's not going to be again, that's in the back of
3:51 pm
their minds. they're going to be overly cautious. they're very well trained officers. so, again, that's all the things that they're considering as they're pursuing him. >> and that's why law enforcement is insisting, and i want to repeat it right now, if you think you spot this 19-year-old, don't try to apprehend him by yourself. call 911, call the police, let them try to do it. he is armed. he is dangerous. dzhokhar sar ntsarnaev. don't try to do anything yourself. that could be very, very dangerous. mr. bouchard, thank you for joining us. we're getting reaction from the bombing suspect's mother from surprise to anger and denial. stay with us. i turned 65 last week.
3:52 pm
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we're back. we're watching what's going on. a massive manhunt under way for a 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, one of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings. his older brother is dead. john king, this is your hometown. you never thought you'd see a day when boston was shut down like this. >> just now. they lifted this lockdown, if you will. you're starting to see more cars on the street. i just drove out the edge of watertown on roads that are usually packed. it is largely a ghost town. that was done for good reason. the officials wanted to have as few people in public as possible for this manhunt that now obviously has been lifted because the police say they are
3:55 pm
done with their door to door search in that area of watertown. it's an interesting question now as we try to figure out where the younger brother be, the suspect still at large be. if you look at that neighborhood, if you look at a map, if he's on foot, the question is where would he go? is there a warehouse there? there are several churches. there is a big residential area. there also are within a short distance three different ways to get back across the charles river into boston. >> from watertown. >> and the question now police are asking any other stolen car reports? any other carjacking reports? any stolen vehicles of any kind? the massachusetts turnpike is right there as well. if another vehicle is stolen, there is access to hit the turnpike if you go east, you come back into the city. >> hold on one second, i understand that drew grivffin i picking up something in watertown. >> i just heard what sounded like multiple assault rifle shots to me. it sounded like police rapidly fired and then it stopped. we're seeing some police activity. i'm at watertown right by the
3:56 pm
arsenal and school intersection. now we're seeing lots -- let's turn the camera. we're going to see a lot of the police cars that are flying. we just did hear a series of shots, wolf. i couldn't tell you how many. i would say at least a couple of dozen shots fired in rapid succession. it sounded like it came from a automatic police style weapon. i heard the gunfire. yeah. anything else? i'm on with wolf right now. i'm only an ear witness to what i heard. and all the police cars are now shooting straight down arsenal street. >> all right. let me bring in susan candiotti. this is also on the scene. drew, stand by for a moment. what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> we started hearing police sirens and thn we saw a couple of large police vans go zipping by here. in fact, the back door of one of
3:57 pm
them was flying wide open. they were gone around the corner really fast. you're starting to see some movement. i don't see anyone running any of these police officers, however. but people seem to be at a little more attention than they were before. it's just odd. we don't know why this happened. we don't know whether they're responding to a possible sighting or exactly. we don't have any information about it yet. but i tell you, everyone's heartbeat started pumping a little bit faster. we're seeing some officers walking now -- you can see with their weapons out now. and we're trying to figure out what's happening here, of course. but certainly things stepped up a little bit. i want to stress, i don't see all these police officers suddenly standing at attention. but there is certainly a pickup in the air around here. and this, after they just announced that it's okay for residents here to come out a little bit. and i was just talking to some people that were saying they're happy to hear it. but they're still nervous about
3:58 pm
it. >> drew, go ahead. tell us what you're hearing now. >> i lost audio, guys. >> unfortunately, drew can't hear me. but basically what he's been reporting, he heard gun shots, maybe two dozen gun shots just moments ago. susan candiotti, did you hear the gun shots as well? >> not surement i heard people starting to scream and to yell. i couldn't hear what prompted that. there was a lot of commotion over in this area. we just saw more police vehicles with their lights going, zipping by here a little while ago, too. i'm going to try to get over here and try to find out from some of the officers what's happening if i can. and then i can zip back over here. but i've got to disengage to do that. i think i'm going to do that and see what i can find out. as we continue to hear more sirens. i'll be right back. >> all right. stand by. here is the tape of when drew
3:59 pm
heard those gun shots fired in watertown. listen to this and watch. >> hearing that? guys. roll on it. >> all right. you can hear the gun shots. and we're seeing a lot of activity here in boston as well. people are moving a whole bunch of people are moving right now. i don't know what's going on. but we did hear the gun shots. you heard -- you saw the look on drew griffin's face when those gun shots went off. this is a dra mmatic moment thas going on right now. but clearly drew griffin in wear the town. drew griffin in

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